“One unique part about our cocktail program,” says Dallas Juanes, General Manager for Verbena Kitchen, “is that we’re changing what it is to be a low-ABV cocktail bar. We have only a beer and wine license. With that said, we can use certain kinds of spirits, only distilled to certain percentages.”

According to Juanes, a loophole within California law allows them to use a fermented spirit up to 24% alcohol content. “What we do is double that volume in the cocktail so that you get a full strength beverage, using low-ABV spirits. We’re probably one of a handful of bars in the US that is utilizing its beer and wine license to its fullest capabilities.”

One of their top sellers, El Niño, is comparable to a margarita. “I didn’t want to do the classic,” says Juanes of the drink. “I wanted to do something unique that was seasonally-driven and had some fun profiles in it. You’re tasting persimmon, chocolate bitters, chili agave, lime, and our house barrel-aged tequila.”

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